Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poor Jeanne Zelasko: Fox Sports Broadcaster Runs Afoul of Jim Snow
By Nicholas Stix

Tonight, Jeanne Zelasko broke an unwritten rule of Jim Snow, the black-run system of apartheid, to which all whites must submit. During the ceremony immediately following the Philadelphia Phillies’ clinching of the World Series, Zelasko was guiding skipper Charlie Manuel through an interview, and shortstop Jimmy Rollins showed up, slapping a newspaper with the front page headline announcing the team’s victory on Manuel’s midsection. Zelasko said, “Here comes the paper boy.”

There’s just one problem: Rollins is black, and Zelasko is white. One of the countless unwritten rules of Jim Snow is that no white may ever, even jokingly or ironically, refer to a black as a “boy.” Not a man, not even a boy! If you are white, you must refer to a black boy as a “young man.” (Like all “rules” of multiculturalism, of course, the rule has a political exception. As the case of Ted Rall and Condoleeza Rice showed, a white with immaculate leftwing credentials may call a conservative black the “n” word.”)

In Far Rockaway, Queens, during the mid-1990s, I once addressed a black man as “boy,” because he had just addressed me as “son.” I knew that black males – boys and men alike, referred to each other as “son,” but they did so with affection. They did not address strange white men with affection, and they would not tolerate being called “son” by a white man. Far Rockaway was, and still is, one of New York’s 20 or so most violent, most racist black neighborhoods.

“Who the f—ck you callin’ boy!” came the guy’s response. I shot back, “I’m talkin’ to you the way you talked to me!” and continued on my way. And that was the end of that.

But Al Sharpton is constantly on the warpath, looking for whites to Imus. His status comes from his ability to racially humiliate and ruin prominent whites, and his ability to extort money from white corporations comes from his status. (Granted, this racist criminal’s status derives entirely from the slavish coverage white-owned media outlets give him.) Only days ago, he sought to Imus New York Post sportswriter Steve Serby, who had done … nothing. Mark my words: Jeanne Zelasko will be next on Sharpton’s list. How much money and groveling is Sharpton now going to try and racially extort out of News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch, who owns both the Post and Fox?

Will Murdoch stand up to Sharpton? Not bloody likely; no corporate chieftain has, yet.


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