Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guy White Has a Great New Essay Up
By Nicholas Stix

It's on Kevin McDonald, and it's entitled, "Jewish IQ and the Jewish-Controlled Media.". McDonald is a psychology professor at Cal State University, Long Beach, who fancies himself a practicioner of “evolutionary psychology,” and an expert on Jews. Hey, isn’t everybody? An expert on Jews, that is, not a practicioner of “evolutionary psychology,” which doesn’t exist, in the foist place. (Why am I writing like Cindy Adams? Beats me.) “Evolutionary psychology” is a euphemism that sociobiologists coined, when sociobiology became unpopular.

When a sociobiologist is on his game, he considers biological expalanations for social behaviors. When his game is off, he constructs scientific-sounding fairy tales to justify his knee-jerk responses.

Circa 1979, I converted from sociology to philosophy, because I realized that most so-called social science is just watered-down politics, metaphysics, and theology. I decided I’d take mine straight. Bad sociobiology has the aforementioned vices, in spades.

(My dream of becoming a millionaire philosopher met with a reality in which editors were more interested in publiushing my doggerel than my philosophical disquisitions on secularization.)

* * *

McDonald’s thesis is that the Jews are a cancer on any society in which they live, which they act as a monolith to destroy from within.

I haven’t dealt with this guy previously, because first of all, when I first read about him in 2000, I think it was, his trilogy, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Jews, but were Afraid to Ask (I made that up), was overpriced. A year or so ago, I saw a listing for a cheaper edition. Second, I considered America to have much bigger problems than anti-Semitism. Black supremacy, for instance. And with time, I saw that reconquista—Hispanic supremacy—loomed as a problem of equal and potentially even greater magnitude than black supremacy. And feminism still hasn’t gone away. Just ask Larry Summers, or the millions of men who must bite their tongue on the job, because of harridans who have the sexual harassment officer on speed dial.

Every now and then, however, McDonald publishes one of his pseudo-scientific articles, and I think, I gotta deal with this guy. However, with White beating me to it, I might have to settle for plagiarizing him.

White’s basic point: Maybe the Jews have been more successful than other groups, because they’re smarter. He adds, for good measure, against McDonald’s charge of Jewish clannishness, that most leading Jews you hear about in this country are anti-Zionists. White gives a great many examples, in support of each of his points.
I would add two points: 1. Regarding Jewish control of the media, one of McDonald’s bete noires: The Jews founded the big three networks and all of the Big Five Hollywood studios. And why did they do that? Because the opportunities were there, and because they were closed out of traditional corporations, due to anti-Semitism. Howard M. Sachar talks about this, in his monumental and immensely readable, A History of the Jews in America. It would do McDonald so much good to read a little history!

2. No group has diluted its numbers more through intermarriage than American Jews.
I have a hunch that McDonald will have a metaphsycial retort to the preceding point.


Blogger Tasha said...

I beg to differ. Celtic Americans have diluted their ethnic heritage the most; Scots will breed with anyone, Jews, Indians , blacks, even Italians.
Frankly, I cant stand Guy white. who cares what a chup from the porn industry has to say about anything?
If he wishes to make people hate the jews, telling everyone they are smarter then the rest of us will really annoy people.Its just a new version of the Chosen People.
yes, The Jews had a head start because they were people of the book and because they weren't farming the land. I guess because the bad Christians didnt let them. now that was dumb idea. The christians could have had a nice desk job lending money but instead they die young planting oats. They were the most literate group of immigrants to the US, followed by the Scots. Both groups did very well financially. Most immigrants were peasants such as the Irish and the Italians.Many cultures value brawn over books.

I haven't read this Kevin MacDonald but I am from the same clan as he is, not that this means anything.
ps I have been banned from amazon twice, once for writing about a rape of an american woman by illegal mexicans.
go figure.

1/17/2009 3:49 PM  

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