Thursday, March 01, 2012

Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood Holds Hearing on Lemaricus Davidson, and Has Chosen Locales for New Juries, but Won’t Reveal Them (Knoxville Horror Update)
By David in TN

On Thursday, a hearing was held regarding “alleged” ringleader of the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, Lemaricus Davidson.

Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood revealed that he has already decided the locales from which juries will be selected to retry the defendants in what the WEJB/NSU has called the Knoxville Horror.

“It’s obvious I don’t want to disclose those locales,” Blackwood said. He did not want to stir up pretrial publicity in those locations.

Does this mean Nashville juries won’t be used this time?

Davidson is also being tried for robbing a Pizza Hut in Knoxville. This took place the day after the torture-murders. That trial is set for April 18. The retrials in the Knoxville Horror begin in June, with Davidson first up.

A jury outside Knoxville will be brought in for the Pizza Hut robbery also.


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