Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where Will You be on February 4?
By Nicholas Stix

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be in Charlotte, at the Ninth American Renaissance Conference (2011): Defending the West.

I just booked my room and conference admission yesterday.

I was late not because I feared the conference wouldn’t go off, but because of domestic obligations, I rarely leave town. But I still got the early bird special, which is good through January 18, after which the price goes up $35. So, in case that isn’t enough of a hint, hit this link now!

The main attraction at these conferences is always the same: Jared Taylor. At the risk of sounding sycophantic, Jared Taylor is not only the world’s greatest living scholar and writer on race, but he’s also a crackerjack public speaker, with wit to match his depth.

Jared always has a wonderful slate of other speakers to complement him, with nine scheduled this time around, including two mystery speakers. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing the talk by Raymond Wolters, who is to my knowledge the last legitimate historian of race in academia.

A form of entertainment unique to AmRen conferences is the guessing game among participants, to try and figure out which guest is the SPLC intern who has been sent to snoop on us.

But something that is at least as important as great speeches makes AmRen conferences unforgettable: The camaraderie of raising a glass and breaking bread with fellow warriors.

Two factors promise to make this year’s conference the most successful one ever:

• The frustration of folks like me who couldn’t attend the last conference, which was shut down by a domestic terrorist campaign, and who are determined to be there this time; and

• The curiosity engendered by the unwanted publicity generated by a hysterical, so far unnamed Arizona detective in one of those regional fusion centers (the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center-ACTIC), who wrote a fraudulent report , immediately following the Tucson Massacre, falsely “linking” mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner to Jared Taylor, and dubbing American Renaissance “anti-Semitic” and “anti-ZOG.” The hoax was then promoted by a hysterical, Fox News staffer named Jennifer Griffin, who “reported” the transparently fake story as coming from the Department of Homeland Security. As a result, millions of people who had never before heard of AmRen, now have its name seared in their memory.

And to think that my good friend Alex Linder has for years charged Jared Taylor with being a ZOG puppet!

(The regional fusion centers are purportedly to investigate “terrorists,” but instead surveil patriotic Americans.)

In the age of diversity, what then happened was on the level of a political miracle: ACTIC’s commander, Major David Denlinger, announced that the report was all wet. But the miracles weren’t over yet. Reporter Kenneth P. Vogel of the Politico Web site contacted Major Denlinger, who told him, “I do have no reason to believe in anything that we did that (Loughner) had any direct connection or was being directed by American Renaissance,” and Fox News Reporter James Rosen contacted Jared Taylor, who told him that he had no connection whatsoever to Loughner, and had never before heard of him.

Although the MSM (including Fox News and Politico) couldn’t be bothered to report that, far from being a terrorist group, American Renaissance has repeatedly been victimized by leftwing terrorists, and not just regarding last year’s planned conference, given the media’s history of malice towards the organization, it was miraculous that they made any effort to get the story straight.

If you love your country, you’ll make every effort to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.

On to Charlotte!


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