Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Pearcy (AR) Massacre: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
The MSM, a Judge, and Even Free Republic Collude to “Disappear” the Crime

Diane Sawyer devoted some of the world’s most expensive and precious airtime on ABC World News January 28 to Scott Roeder, who during his trial confessed on the witness stand to killing abortionist George Tiller.

But you won’t see Sawyer—or NBC’s Brian Williams or CBS’ Katie Couric, for that matter—devoting any of her precious airtime to the November 12 mass murder in rural Pearcy, Arkansas, of

• Edward Earl Gentry Sr.,;
• Edward “Eddie” Earl Gentry Jr.;
• Eddie’s wife, Pam;
• Eddie and Pam’s son, Jeremy; and
• Jeremy’s girlfriend, Kristen Warneke.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men is a 1941 book by writer James Agee and photographer Walker Evans recording the lives of three “invisible” white sharecropper families in the Deep South. The Pearcy Massacre must be added to the ever-growing list of racist atrocities committed by blacks against whites (and against blacks who love whites) made invisible by the national media.

As far as the MSM—and our political elite—is concerned, it can truly be said of the victims, in the words of the passage in Ecclesiasticus from which Agee drew his title:

“And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never been; and are become as though they had never been born.”

Read the rest at VDARE.com.

Nicholas Stix


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